The new Regulation on the Definition, Description, Presentation and Labelling of Spirit Drinks

Big news for the world of RUM and of Spirits in general.

On 17 April 2019 the European Parliament and the Council have adopted the new REGULATION ON THE DEFINITION, DESCRIPTION, PRESENTATION AND LABELLING OF SPIRIT DRINKS …

The new Regulation will enter into force soon, after its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.

The new Regulation repeals the old Regulation 110/2008.

It is a long and complex text, it will require a careful reading.

At a first glance, with regard to RUM it seems to me that the most relevant innovation is that now rum may be sweetened to a maximum of 20 gr. of sweetening per liter.

The full text can be read and downloaded here:…/…/PE-75-2018-REV-1/en/pdf

Marco Pierini