About The Rum Historian

My name is Marco Pierini. I was born in 1954 in a little town in Tuscany (Italy) where I still live. In a previous life I  got a degree in Philosophy in Florence and I studied Political Science in Madrid. Life brought me to work in tourism, event organization and vocational training . But my real passion has always been History and through History I have always tried to understand the men.

Then I discovered rum. With my business partner, Francesco Rufini, I founded a firm, La Casa del Rum (The House of Rum), that runs a beach bar and selects Premium Rums.

I also decided to return back to my initial passion History, studying the History of Rum. Because Rum is not only a great distillate, it’s a world. Produced in scores of countries, by thousands of companies, with an extraordinary variety of aromas and flavors; it has a terrible and fascinating history, made of slaves and pirates, imperial fleets and revolutions. And using rum as point of view you can understand a lot about our world.

I run a column – The Rum Historian – in the Got Rum? magazine –

To contact me please send email to: info@therumhistorian.com

I have just published my first book with Amazon:

“AMERICAN RUM  A Short History of Rum in Early America”