In the middle of the XVII° century, rum starts from Barbados (and Martinique) its long, victorious march to conquer the world. A world which was very different from today’s, and where sugar was  a source of enormous wealth and the cause of bloody wars and, leaving aside Portuguese Brazil because of its relative isolation, the heart of sugar production was in the Caribbean. Continue reading “RUM AND EMPIRES IN THE XVII CENTURY”

The Rum Historian


My name is Marco Pierini. I was born in 1954 in a little town in Tuscany (Italy) where I still live. In a previous life I  got a degree in Philosophy in Florence and I studied Political Science in Madrid. Life brought me to work in tourism, event organization and vocational training . But my real passion has always been History and through History I have always tried to understand the men.

Then I discovered rum. With my business partner, Francesco Rufini, I founded a firm, La Casa del Rum (The House of Rum), that runs a beach bar and selects Premium Rums.

I also decided to return back to my initial passion History, studying the History of Rum. Because Rum is not only a great distillate, it’s a world. Produced in scores of countries, by thousands of companies, with an extraordinary variety of aromas and flavors; it has a terrible and fascinating history, made of slaves and pirates, imperial fleets and revolutions. And using rum as point of view you can understand a lot about our world.

I run a column – The Rum Historian – in the Got Rum? magazine –

I have just published my first book with Amazon:

“AMERICAN RUM  A Short History of Rum in Early America”